Laptop problems and damage 

RCL Computers provide a comprehensive repairs service to meet your every need.

We understand that you don't want to be left without your laptop for any length of time, so when you come to us for laptop repairs in Porthcawl, Bridgend all work is carried out as quickly as possible at our workshop. We may sometimes need to order in special parts, as unlike a desktop every laptop needs a unique set of components, but you can rest assured that we’ll go to every length to ensure that everything progresses as smoothly as possible. Please note that laptop spare parts can cost significantly more than desktop equivalents, so don’t be surprised if the required expense is a little more that it would be for a desktop. Even so, it's often very cost effective to repair your current laptop, as opposed to buying a brand new one. Our laptop repairs costs are very competitive.

After we diagnose the problem with your laptop, we'll keep you fully informed about all the work that is required, always ensuring that we provide a quote and approximate timeline before any work is actually carried out. 

Our laptop repairs cover:

  • Keyboard repairs
  • Screen replacements
  • Power adapters
  • Power jack problems
  • Overheating problems
  • Sound problems
  • Black & blue screen issues
  • Motherboard problems
  • Hardware replacements

At RCL Computers, we like to think that our provision of laptop repairs in porthcawl is second to none, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re looking for the most experienced laptop engineers around. Whatever is wrong with your laptop, we’ll soon be able to diagnose it and advise you as to the best possible solutions. 

Have a problem like a cracked laptop screen? Call RCL Computers on 01656 788027 and we’ll be pleased to help.

Remote software

For remote access servicing please click on button below and install the software. Once up and running please contact us on 01656 788027 for further instructions.

AeroAdmin - Free Remote Desktop SoftwareAeroAdmin - Free Remote Desktop Software